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Formal Concerts
At the heart of what we do are formal concerts of a broad range of chamber music. If your organization would be interested in including us as part of your cultural events, please contact us. 

Family Concerts
Live music—especially classical music—has become a rarity in our children's lives. Our family concerts are relaxed, entertaining, and educational programs that are well-planned and well-rehearsed, with repertoire carefully chosen to be accessible, fun, and interesting. Yet, these are real concerts of real Art music; we never condescend to our young audiences by watering down their concert experience in any way. 

School Appearances
School music departments might call on us for a number of services. We can perform for music appreciation classes, at commencement ceremonies, or as soloists with school orchestras or bands. We can conduct daytime masterclasses and perform side-by-side with the school ensembles in the evening. We can coach students individually or in groups in preparation for solo/ensemble contests or even college auditions.

Senior Residence Performances
Whether at assisted living communities or nursing homes, our performances are well-received by folks who've heard lots of music in their day, but don't often get to hear live music anymore. 

Individual members of CCM are free lance musicians. As such, our work extends well beyond that described so far. For wedding music in northwest Indiana and the Chicago area, we're the best, most experienced professional group to call. Strings, winds, piano, organ, cantor —all can be booked with a call or e-mail to CCM. Private music lessons—instrumental, vocal, or music theory—can be arranged through our professional roster of conservatory graduates. Contact us with any questions about these or any other musical services. If we can't help you ourselves, odds are we can refer you to someone who can.

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